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Belle Vue Junction and Ingrams Well Road existing solution

Despite claims to the contrary there is no documentary evidence that SCC, Kier or WSP have ever been asked to try and redesign Belle Vue Junction without the constraints of using the footprint of the existing junction. In 2008 an AECOM Traffic Study concluded that this was not feasible then, however it should be noted that traffic patterns and levels are very different in 2020 (pre-lockdown) than they were then, suggesting the modelling outcomes would be very different.

The 2018 WSP Traffic data for the Sudbury Congestion Relief Scheme shows this. In 2015 options for Belle Vue Junction remodelling were revisited again however the option with a roundabout (Option 5b on document assets/Economic-Development/Sudbury-Steering-Group/20th-March-2015-BV- Junction-SCC-Highways-Presentation.pdf ) was constrained by using the same footprint as the existing junction.

2015 Design for Belle Vue Junction as a roundabout constrained to not use any of the Belle Vue Park site.

It was concluded that this was not viable (due to space limitations) Consequently a solution was devised by making Ingrams Well Road one way northbound from Cornard Road and improving the Junction of Ingrams Well Road with Newton Road via a lights controlled junction. This allows traffic to use it as a route to achieve the same aim, turning off Belle Vue Junction and turning    up Newton Road.

Ingrams Well Road Junction and improvements

5. Ingram’s Well Road junction improvement will provide buses with the ability to travel from Gt Eastern Road eastbound on Newton Rd.  Currently this movement would require buses to use the one-way system.    The improvement will also provide an alternative route for all vehicles, reducing the need to travel on the one- way system or to use narrow residential streets. Ingram’s Well Road will be made one-way northbound, allowing some parking to access Belle Vue Park Source:

2019 Design for Ingrams Well Road/Newton Road Junction with no cycle path anywhere on the design.

This junction design is fundamentally flawed with regards to the new Gear Change policy and LTN/20 as no provision is made for cyclists, and yet, as many people have pointed out, the entrance to Belle Vue Park is used by pedestrians and cyclists from Cornard. There is no provision for any crossing at the junction of Ingrams Well Road and Cornard Road although many times more vehicle movements are actively being encouraged along Ingrams Well Road which is on a fairly steep hill and already suffering complaints of being used by drivers as a “rat run”.    

This proposal effectively turns what should be a quiet residential street into a legal rat run and effective B road. I recommend this proposal is dropped. It is likely to attract a number of serious objections at Planning and as it stands will not attract funding under the new DfT policies.



  • Family bike parked in Sudbury (2020)
    Family bike parked in Sudbury (2020)
  • Family shopping by bike in Sudbury (2016)
    Family shopping by bike in Sudbury (2016)
  • Section of Shared path in Great Cornard.
    Section of Shared path in Great Cornard.
  • Different Types of cycle.
    Different Types of cycle.