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What is Stour Valley Cycling Campaign.

This is a campaign aimed at enabling safe cycling and walking (and any other sustainable travel modes) within the area around Sudbury in Suffolk.

Currently the area has lots of footpaths, bridlepaths and National Cycle Route 13 running through it. However there has been almost zero investment in new active travel routes and cycle paths and no investment in improving the poor infrastructure there currently is.

This is partly because of UK Government inaction and partly because the local County Council who have responsibility for Highways and Active Travel and the local District Council have had next to no interest in Active Travel for years. They preferred to back the Private Car and all manner of motorised vehicles instead of doing anything to enable modal shift to cycling, walking and public buses.

In 2020 this has changed.

The Global Coronavirus Pandemic and actions needed to enable reaching the Governments Climate change reduction goals has meant a rapid change in focus.

The July 2020 Gear for Change Policy Document has brought about a major change in Transport policy. This change means that any new roads and Junction projects funded from Central Government have to include Active Travel into the plans and to a new higher standard set via the new Local Transport Note 1/20