What is this Campaign

The aim of this campaign is to:

Create a network of off road cycle paths that links villages and towns in the Stour Valley for the use of cyclists and other users (like mobility scooters), so they can be used for safe, traffic free travel for commuting, shopping, the school run, leisure and tourism.

This campaign is the continuation of work originally carried out by a group of activists and Councillors under the umbrella of the "Cycling Group" of Sudbury Town Council. Sadly the 2015 election and changes to personel made it impossible to continue.

This Campaign takes the plans drawn up by that group, and a review carried out on behalf of Suffolk County Council as the basis for a campaign to turn these plans into action.

This is of course, merely a starting point if just these routes are completed, feeder routes will be required.

High Quality Cycling Infrastructure is proven to increase cycling participation and usually by startling amounts. There will be improvements to enable safe cycling in Town and Village centres, where cycle paths and lanes cannot be provided we would support enforced 20mph zones or the Mini-Holland approach. Some improvements in Town Centres (mainly Sudbury) are also needed, these were identified by SCC/Sustrans in 2014 and are mostly simple changes.

The plans will need to be fully costed and a full economic viability case drawn up, displaying how these plans will not only bring a boost to the local economy but save businesses and Health Authorities money. The return on investment will be very very quick.

Valley Trail
A whole family out shopping on bikes

The Stour Valley is very car dependent, over 70% of all trips are made by motor vehicle. The number of vehicles using the roads is increasing, some national statistics have suggested a 12% increase in traffic since 2009 and the Banking Collapse and subsequent fallout. Traffic congestion in some towns is becoming chronic at times and with congestion comes it's deadly bedfellow Traffic Pollution. If we can get just 10 to 15% of commuters to leave their cars behind and cycle to work, we will make a noticeable dent in this congestion. This is not fantasy, it is achievable as experience elsewhere has amply demonstrated.

We have some advantages over other towns. We have some routes that could be very quickly improved to provide cycle routes that are usable 12 months a year (as opposed to being a mudbath for six months every year). We have the potential to create an attractive route that would appeal to European and UK cycle tourists as well.