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  • This campaign aims to make it safer for all cyclists, by providing safer cycling routes in the area commuting and leisure cyclists should benefit.
  • Even if you are sporting cyclist, you should support this campaign as having more cyclists on the road improves motorists attitudes towards cycling.
  • The off road routes may not suit sports orientated cyclists as they wish to go as fast as possible and at least initially some of the routes will be shared paths so travelling faster may be an issue. However if cycling as an alternative to driving takes off we may be able to add segregated cycle paths that will allow any speed you like without being held up by traffic.
  • This campaign will not forget those who walk as a means of transport, or ramblers or joggers or dog-walkers.
  • While influencing Active Travel in the area we will identify roads with no footpaths or pavements and campaign for slower traffic speeds in Towns and Villages making life safer for all road users
  • Fears that cyclists travelling at higher speeds will prove a hazard for walkers are mostly unfounded and if a Code of Conduct is followed will mitigate this issue, ensuring cyclists have and use bells to warn walkers of their approach.
  • The CWIS announced on 21st April 2017 is also intended to improve walking routes as well as cycling routes, hopefully funding roadsite paths where none exist, especially between towns/villages and out of town Business Centres.
  • Put simply, every cyclist switching from car to bicycle is one less car on the road, experience where even a 10% switch has occurred has shown the remarkable difference this has to traffic congestion.
  • Cyclists really would mostly prefer not to share the roads with motor vehicles, so we are campaigning to have as many off road routes as possible so cyclists don't have to share the roads.
  • We are also going to get on the case of the parlous state of the roads. While small potholes are dangerous for cyclists, they grow into larger potholes that damage other vehicles.
  • Less cars on the road, as drivers switch to cycling or walking, means more empty parking spaces, this eases the pressure on parking especially in Sudbury and Long Melford.
  • One surprising success of the new high class cycle paths called Cycle Superhighways in London is how they have freed Mobile scooters from using the pavements. In our case the very few mobility scooters using Valley Trail currently show it can be done, but the uneven surface and possibility of punctures make it somewhat hazardous. A smooth surface on each cycle path will allow mobility scooter users freedom to explore areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach.
  • Of course the same freedom would extend to normal unpowered wheelchairs as well.
  • Allowing safe travel to school, playgrounds and parks from homes is one of the aims of the campaign. Teaching children to ride safely on our roads is good and to be encouraged but taking them off the roads so they can use safe off road routes is a far better solution.
  • Less cars on the school run, will mean it will be safer for children to walk to school and cross roads.
  • Adopting a Mini-holland approach in residential areas will also make cycling to school a safe reality. Indeed one of the only complaints in Mini-holland areas is that children have started playing football on the streets again!
  • Given Suffolk County Councils policies towards school buses meaning more and more trips will need to be paid for by parents, this becomes a reality. With the bridge at Bakers Mill, finally being installed cycling from Sudbury to Thomas Gainsborough School on safe off road paths can become a reality.

The Government legislated CWIS (Cycing and Walking Investment Strategy) The DfT  pubished a report evaluating the economic and social impacts of cycling infrastructure. This report found the following economic benefits of investment in Cycling Infrastructure. On April 21st 2017 the Government announced that there is over £750m available over the next five years for cycling projects like this. The funding for this project is therefore available. But it requires political support to make it happen. Support this project and it will indeed happen.

  • Cycling infrastructure encourages residents to shop locally to a greater extent. A cyclist can do a weekly shop, especially with the advent of electric cargo bikes, but normally they visit shops more often and don't need to find a parking space.
  • Social inclusion:  Cycling infrastructure reduces congestion and improves connectivity within an area bringing benefits to local labour markets.
  • The cycling economy: Cycling infrastructure investments will boost the local cycling economy. Cycling commuters tend to be more invigorated and start productive work faster than their driving colleagues.
  • Health impacts: Cycling infrastructure increases the proportion of citizens that exceed the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines on regular physical activity and thereby improving health and wellbeing.
  • Air quality: Cycling infrastructure supports modal switching, improves air quality and reduces the proportion of citizens suffering from respiratory disease
  • Cycling infrastructure supports modal switching among commuters and improves the general health and wellbeing of the workforce and reduces days lost due to sickness.

Additionally, in this area the following additional benefits are obvious.

  • Increased Tourism: There are currently many cycling tourists visiting the area, the works to achieve the aims of this campaign would only increase the level of cycling tourists with obvious benefits to Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants and retail footfall.
  • Reduced pressure on parking in Towns and Villages. One Parking space can house several cycle hoops and do not attract business rates.
  • More information can be found here


  • Cycle Tourism is an increasing part of the UK tourism scene, cycle tourists come from all over the UK and EU to tour round Suffolk and see our beautiful countryside, providing off road routes will be a massive attraction to these tourists as they can concentrate on the appreciating our countryside rather than our roads. More tourism means more spending in Pubs, Restaurants, Cafes, Shops, Hotels B & B's etc. It is yet another way of boosting our local economy.
  • Cycling Commuters are more productive than motoring commuters. They are fitter, take less days off sick and work longer hours, using off road routes they will arrive less stressed out from their commute than motorists and become more productive faster.
  • Cycling shoppers may not buy as much goods in one trip as a motorist, but will make more trips and statistics have shown will spend 17% more than motoring shoppers. They also don't have to waste time hunting for a parking space
  • One parking space, which your business may be paying business rates on, will house several bicycles rather than one car, you therefore make more productive use of your car parking facilities
  • Cycling Clubs, Political Parties, Councils, Not for Profit organisations and Charities can all benefit from Cyclng, aside from all the benefits outlined above. With your governing bodies agreement you will be seen to be supporting a campaign that is open to everyone and will bear fruit for everyone. It may even attract more membership.
  • We are particularly looking for support from Parish and Town Councils, Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations. This project, if successful in reaching it's aims, will improve the local economy and possibly even provide employment for local people, it will certainly improve the health and wellbeing of the population.
  • Cycling is undertaken by people of all ages, you will increase your visibility and perhaps engage with people who you would otherwise not do.

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