Valley Trail to Middleton Road

This is just one access route on the Valley Walk. It links Henney, Middleton and Alphamstone as well as the Housing Estate in Ballindgon to the Valley Trail. The route has wide enough paths but improving the surface to a smooth asphalt would improve it further and after wet weather would make it much more usable 12 months a year.

The route is also extraordinarily beautiful in places and quite sheltered (useful for cyclists who may be put off by routes exposed to the wind.

This would also be an alternate route to the very busy Ballingdon Street which could provide access to Bulmer and Brundon Lane industrial Estates from the East.

The route ends at Middleton Road, this road, whilst not busy, offers no protection for cyclists. Some work at the Middleton Road Ballingdon Street Junction would be required to allow cyclists to cross the road to reach, the Cyclist, the shops and restaurants here and onward travel to the Ballingdon Industrial Area. A cycle path up the Ballingdon Hill, at least as far as the small Industrial Area there would also be advisable.