Valley Trail Kingfisher to Great Cornard

This route runs from the Valley Trail at Kingfisher to Great Cornard.

This takes it over the railway line at the Great Cornard end, this is not easy as there is a kissing gate and the trains are twice hourly in both directions, a train commuter would quite easily be crossing just as the train was passing the crossing given it's proximity to the railway station.

The solution would therefore be better to use the proposed bridge at Bakers Mill and a route through to there. The full level crossing would mitigate the hazard of meeting the train and ensure commuters left in plenty of time.

This section has sufficient room at almost every section to allow a 2.5m wide segregated cycle track and a 2.4m wide footpath for pedestrians.

** UPDATE **
The legal issues preventing the installation of the bridge at Bakers Mill are now resolved and the bridge will be imminently installed. (July 2018)

This route is riverside for most of the route, flat as a pancake and would be ideal for train commuting and school commuting to Thomas Gainsborough School.