Long Melford to Lavenham

The route from Long Melford to Lavenham is long and offers some challenges, not least the 1km of missing trackbed and crossing the A134 Long Melford Bypass.

The first section is concrete, which is a very good surface for cycling and commonly used in the Netherlands. This takes the route to the bypass. Some form of safe crossing would be required here, the form of this would need careful agreement, a cycle bridge might be necessary though the Bypass is not as busy as people believe. However plans suggested to reduce traffic on Long Melford Hall Street might divert more traffic onto the bypass than currently.

From the bypass the path skirts the edges of a large field, this can be improved with a suitable all weather surface, given the low envisaged usage this could be a shared path.
It then cuts downwards to a brook and up to another fieldside and field crossing path. This may require a bridge to enable easier cycling and access for Mobility Scooters.
The 1km cutting where the ballast was removed is flooded at the bottom most of the year. This section would require significant work perhaps using a path set on piles so the flood water can still sit below it. This represents a significant technical challenge.

Finally the last section into Lavenham could have a suitable surface and would be ideal as a shared path.