Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and the security of your data. This website is built in Drupal, a content management system that has security at it's core. It will be continually updated and improved to ensure any personal data we store here is entirely safe.

Where we collect your data we will make it clear how we use and process that data and how you can adjust, remove or transfer the data we hold on you in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations.

We use cookies.

If you have a login to the site we use a session cookie to retain your details so you don't have to keep logging in when you change pages.

We also may pass data to Google Analytics, purely so we can ascertain who is using the site and judge whether we need to adjust our publicity to gain more visitors from other demographics. Your IP Address is anonymised so Google never gets any personal details of yourself.

These cookie settings may change as the Campaign goes on and we add more web site functionality.