Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the usual questions asked about this campaign and some answers.

Improving the surface on Valley Walk for example will result in faster cycling speeds. But if every cyclist adopts the code of conduct (and walkers abide by them and don't use noise cancelling headphones) then they will give an audible warning when approaching Walkers on the paths either using a bell or by voice (politely) and then slowing up as they pass.This works on other similar route, there is absolutely no reason it cannot work here.

Of course they will. However experience elsewhere means they may have to use shorter leads and possibly always keep nervous and excitable dogs on a lead. This works elsewhere it can work here.


Indeed this may well free Mobility Scooter users from being restricted to using pavements and occassionally where there is no wide enough path, the road in Towns and Villages.

On April 21st 2017 the Department for Transport announced the full plans and funding for the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy. This will provide some central funding directly but also funding for County Councils and Local Enterprise Partnerships to fund Networks such as this Campaign plans.

The funds are in place. All is needed is the Political will and the hard work to make it happen.

This may be a bit more complicated. Horses can get spooked by bells and shouting so cyclists approaching Horses need to take special care and definitely slow down. However on other paths shared with Horses some work acquainting horses with Bicycles has reduced the nervousness of horses. Hopefully we can works with Horse owners so it does not become an issue.

Sign up as a supporter if enough people, businesses and councillors sign up then the politicians will take a keener interest.

Volunteer to help run the campaign.We will be organising meetings soon. We need energy and enthusiasm mostly but also skills and ability.